About Me


Hi! I want to begin my very first sentence in thanking you for being here!

I decided to take this  journey to really challenge myself because it is really hard for me to be consistent with just about….well, everything! The one thing that gets me going is Fashion; Particularly in Sustainability (CONSCIOUS). Being in the industry has given me the opportunities to develop a sense of appreciations and understandings that I want to share with you. I believe that we can change the world by changing our mindset on how we can ethically influences others to live humbly and trade for global awareness.

With that being said, my style is apart of my personality. It is apart that defines and in away, completes my mood. I have love for all things (colors, textures, lines, and shapes) so my style is rather unpredictable. I pride myself on paying close attention on details because expensive doesn’t always guarantee quality and quality doesn’t always mean expensive. Quality is goal, no matter the price. I believe everyone of us has a sense of style (aroma) that defines who we are.

My family, friends, and my faith are the most important part of me. I am so honor and thankful for this life. I am deeply thankful for stopping by and for showing your utmost support. Keep me inspire…

Share your ideas & Come say hello…