Zero Waste Food

Food is life and if you can’t relate, something is seriously wrong with you.

I eat pretty much anything – name it, I properly tried it before and if not, it is something I will definitely try. I love to eat sour, spicy (oh my gosh, don’t even get me started), bitter, and sometimes sweet. (whoever invented cheesecake is my hero)

Thinking about food is making me drool…I guess you could say that is also my additional addiction to shopping but one thing I do believe is eating proportionately.

Now, I can never be a vegetarian because I need to have a little meat in my meals or else, I feel like something is missing from my plate. I also don’t believe in diet, so I will not prevent myself from eating all the glorious food in the world.

Americans, we are known for our overeating habits. We are one of the world’s most obese countries in the world to date. We are obsessed with food, yet, in the United States alone, we waste about 30 percent to 40 percent of the entire U.S. food supply.

How can we prevent food waste from our kitchen?

Don’t buy more than you can eat – It is so important to have a groceries list to keep you out of trouble from buying things you don’t need. I strongly believe that we can prevent a lot of food waste just by making a sustainable choice in rethinking our mindset in the way we do our groceries. It is also a smart decision to use all your food before you decide to do your groceries. We often do groceries shopping out of habits, so we sometimes forget what we have in the refrigerator. We like to use the fresher ingredients for our dishes and the older food become waste.

Grow your own vegetables – You don’t need a garden to grow food. I am fortunate that my mom grows her own vegetables in our backyard, so we have fresh, but you can grow food anywhere in your home or apartment.  It is honestly soothing and exciting at the same time to see your plant grow. It is the best feeling to eat the things you grow yourself!  Whether you live in New York city or little Frederick Maryland, you can eat fresh food if you really want.

Regrow your food – After harvesting season is over, my mom stored the seeds for next year. We save money because we don’t have to buy more plants for the coming year. We also plant rare vegetables from Myanmar, so it is precious for us to be able to eat food from back home. Eating plays a big part in our lives and it is helpful to understand the process of growing food in general.

Always eat your leftover food – Don’t let food go to waste. Make sure to eat everything on your plate. It always seems to amaze me whenever I eat chicken with my friends and they don’t eat the whole meat on the chicken. I always eat all the meat of my chicken and only leave the bones behind. If you overcook the day before, store it in the freight, bring it for lunch. If you happen to eat out, bring home the leftovers. Restaurants will only throw away food and that is the exact problem we are trying to solve.

Reuse leftover ingredients – Whenever my parents fried chicken, we keep the leftover oil so that we can reuse it. Oil is expensive, and we definitely should make the most out of whatever we can reuse. We also reuse the steam of cauliflower to make broth. We also don’t like to throw away any part of meats. We can make a delicious stew. Those are just a few examples. There are so many other ingredients that can be reused to give more flavors so that every part of the food can be used to make something else.

Stop peeling fruit and Vegetables – I never knew how much food I waste in peeling my fruit and vegetables. Composing is great, but it is also sustainable to get as many vitamins that we need from the fruit and vegetables we eat. For example, I eat all my lemons by cutting them into pieces. I never peel my apple or mango. Fruits that need peeling are exceptional, but we should avoid it to keeps all the necessary nutrients in our system.


Everyone can do these things; it starts slow, but we got this. The importance of making zero waste possible is to purposefully take inactive and continuously grow through every experience. It is about taking control of your life and not letting your mind control by the necessaries demands from the society. I urge you to make note of the things that matter to you. List of the most important things you need to survive in your everyday life to all the things you can live without. Food is one of the most important things you need to survive in the world. That is the reality so be thankful for the food you get to eat every day and don’t waste the food that keeps you full.

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