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I’m heading on a mini getaway this weekend to Assateague Island and oh boy, I am ecstatic to end my vacation with my Scarlet Sign Babes. (we miss you Julie) I like traveling alone but I love traveling with my loved ones even more. As much as I love traveling, I definitely don’t love packing. Packing is dreadful, and it usually takes a few days to pack everything you think you will need to bring. I had a tough time under packing or over packing for a lot of my trips back in the day, but now that I embrace the zero-waste lifestyle, packing is a breeze.

My amazing friend, Sonia (Second to the right), she is the over-packer in our group of friends. We go to her for everything we forget to bring. Here is the thing: I usually don’t ever overpack anymore because when I was growing up, I always bring so many things in my suitcase that I always forget one or two things on the trip. Memory is not my greatest friend, so I learn to pack only what I need so that I don’t end up forgetting things.

I want to share with you the quickest way I like to pack for any trip. I think most of us check the weather, length of time planning to stay, and any extra curriculums included in the trip. It also depends on where you’re planning to go and who you go with, but the general idea is to have everything you need for the trip.

  1. No matter the weather, I always bring one long sleeve Shirt and one sleeveless. Even in the hottest weather, you need one long sleeve to cover you for the night and one sleeveless for any unexpected heat.
  2. I always bring a large towel for the beach, shower, picnic, blanket, and etc. It doesn’t even have to be a towel, you just need a large fabric that you can use for multi purposes. Not something durable that is not too heavy or too thin but enough to keep you cool and enough to give you warmth.
  3. I bring one carry-on bag for any type of trip. For most of us, we aren’t going to met gala or fashion week in Paris, so we don’t need to bring more than we can carry. Not to mention, all airline charge for all the extra suitcases. A lot of times everything I need fits in a bookbag and I mean who doesn’t like to save a little of money when one bottle of water is $4 at the airport.
  4. Speaking of water, I bring an empty mason jar or thermos bottle on my trips for refills. I don’t use fancy thermos bottles, but I use whatever bottle I have to keep myself hydrated.
  5. I don’t always bring my toothpaste, but I always bring my toothbrush. Often time I stay in a hotel, so I don’t usually bring a toothpaste and you can make a toothpaste easily.
  6. Bring some snacks! Not a fun trip without some snacks.
  7. A camera – whether if it’s my phone or my Fujifilm tx-2, I am always ready to capture all the beautiful and meaningful snapshots of all the things I encounter in my life.

This particular weekend, I am packing for the sun!

  • Outfit to the beach (Denim shorts, Short sleeves T-shirt, and button-down white shirt)
  • One-piece bathing suit.
  • 2 Undies, and 1 bra
  • A dress.
  • 1 Sandals
  • 1 towel
  • 1 Straw bag
  • A camera
  • 1 Soap Bar
  • Sunglasses
  • Makeup (Buxon Lipgloss, Waterdrop moisturizer from Dr. Jart, Naked3 eyeshadow palette, sunscreen, lotion from Caudalie)

Note to self: Have fun! Every minute counts. Love hard and enjoy every moment serving others and live right. (Edited) I’m adding a little bit of the oh so awkward pictures from the trip. I don’t know, I like taking pictures of my feet on the air like a balloon. Yes, I’m a pretty weird person.

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