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As an enthusiast to the zero waste, I had no idea there is a whole community who are so inspiring and helpful to people who are searching for answers to live more with less. The very first person who inspired me to start this journey is Lauren Singer (Trash is for tossers) and a few weeks later, I discovered Ariana. (paristogo) I think my whole philosophy about sustainable fashion has led me into realizing that I have to apply my practice in a daily routine to effectively influences my being.

Shamelessly I still live with my parents, so I personally don’t do grocery shopping, but I promise myself that I will go grocery more often to help my parents on how to shop close to zero-waste. I recently discovered Common Market located by my gym and holly-fresh fries, it is a game changer. Before I discovered zero waste, I didn’t even know such place exists in my town.

Common Market also has a list of places in DMV and PA areas to locate local produced, sustainable grocery and bulk. I literally don’t have any excuse to say I can’t find any place that sells in bulk! They have everything from homegrown dairy, fresh farm meats to seafood. Please check out Common Market when you are in town and enjoy all the things it has to offer. We all have local farmer markets in our areas that are fantastic.

I went on my first bulk shopping at Common Market last week and it was a bit nerve-racking at first but I must admit, I enjoyed every minute of it. I came prepared with my eco-friendly bags and mason jars. I went to the last aisle of the store and I was so excited to see some people bringing their own bags to shop. In lack of better words, it was a refreshing moment to be relatable to them in a sense of I belong in this aisle. I spent over 1 hour and a half just being amazed at different local produces that the place carries. They also have an amazing salad bar and sandwich shop. When I got to the register I didn’t know how to weight in my items but Mike was super helpful and he even wrote in the weight of my jars! The purpose of buying in bulk is using cloth or rags instead of plastics, eating fresh produces that aren’t in plastics, and saving money at the end of the day. Buying bulk does not mean buying more. It means to buy enough.

Even though I have been in Wegmans many times, I am more aware of organic products in their Mineral Fusion makeup, Biggs & Featherbelle locally own soaps, and bulks. Big companies like Wegmans has been the moving force of sustainabilty. Of course, there are other things they should still work on such as food waste and the use of plastics but taking initiative in offering customers organic grown produces should be noticed.

Organic produces/products can be more expensive (not always) but knowing that the products you purchase are locally own farmers with a mission to educate and spread environmental sustainability should be the standard for all markets. I hope that all businesses could support the well-being of consumers. Honest trade has always been unpopular to most Americans because as a nation, we always have been greedy to get what we can and never been concerned about how we get our products. Before we can globally grow, we must invest in our communities to understand our food’s sources and exemplify environmental awareness.  As consumers, we should demand businesses to elevate their standards and simply focus on our health better.


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