No to Plastic Bags

I have been clearing out my 2 closets plus 2 racks of clothes for the past two weeks and I am proud to say I got rid of 65% of my wardrobe. Not only do I have more space, I feel clean and relaxed’. I kept some of the “what if’s” clothes because Asian people get married left to right and its only a matter of time my friends will get marry (I’m kidding, they are ALL still single, God help us) but mainly I just haven’t found the right people to hand down some of my items.


I did commit myself to previous blog post 21 Winter Essentials that I was not going to buy anything this month, however, I failed. I told you I am addicted to buying sale items and not to justify my action (but I am), I did sell, donate and give away bags of clothes to my friends, so I don’t feel as guilty.


Changes I made:

BRINGING LUNCH to work and that reduced waste by not buying fast food everywhere I go.

Instead of using paper napkins, I use my cloth.

SAYING NO TO SHOPPING BAGS! Americans reportedly throw away 100 billion plastic grocery bags. (Worldwatch Institute)

Requesting email receipts instead of paper receipts.

I know this might not be a huge change to some of you, but I think it is best personally  for me to start creating good habits from something small and hopefully to impact a greater difference in my future path of being sustainable.

Items bought in January:

H&M has a conscious line that make clothes and items from recycle garments and this reusable tote (bought it for 75 cents and no, the fake flowers didn’t come with it) is from their conscious line (my favorite). The first step of becoming sustainable is to have a reusable bag so you can bring it to wherever you shop and yes, say no to plastic bags from stores. I do recommend items from Package Free shop and there are also tons of small and local shops that are starting to offer more sustainable options for conscious shoppers. I also recycle small cotton/linen shoes bags to carry smaller items. Even though I don’t go grocery shopping, (if you must know, shamelessly my parents still do everything for me) I will go just so I can be known as “that sustainable lady” around town.


You already know my obsession on COS and you will soon realize my obsession with Nyden (it is lunching as we speak) when it comes out. I got this comfortable pair (sale for $68) for the summer. I usually shop hard 2 times a year and it is “the-end-of-the-season” sale. I buy winter clothes during summer and summer clothes during winter because you save money and it is crucial to NOT over spend your budget.



I got this square Timex watch from goodwill nearby for less than $5. I am always wearing my brown leather Daniel Wellington Watch so I wanted something different and I thought it was a great purchase since it is still in great condition and I know I will be using for sometime.



This is it guys! Until next time.




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