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I was born poor. I didn’t know back then that I was until I came to America. Being poor was in a way a norm back home, so I never felt poor or privileged and I was just happy. With that being said, I live a sustainable life unconsciously. We grow our own vegetables, and take hand-me-down clothes from people. It is just a way of life for me since I don’t know any other way. I do feel that growing up in America has change me little by little and I am trying hard to break that self-involvement.

I am not saying sustainable lifestyle is for everyone, but I think it is always good to care a bit more about how we can be involved and differences that we can accomplish by simply making sure we know where we get our food, what we put in our body, the process of how our clothes are made, and other things that could help us live a rewarding lifestyle.


I’ve never even step into Hollister or American Eagle when I was younger because I was just so not popular that I didn’t want to give a chance for people to make fun of me for trying to be “cool”. I know it’s kind of s t u p i d, but it is true, I claimed that I don’t like them but back then it was what everyone at school wore and they were the popular people who had money and had boyfriends with Justin Bieber hair. I also didn’t shop a lot because my parents didn’t make a lot of money for us to buy “excess” things. I feel so cool now that I didn’t wear Hollister and American Eagle shirts with their big brand name on my chest.


Also, accessories had never been of importance to me, but I do own a lot of cheap unnecessary jewelries from Claire’s and I tend to buy things even though I know I don’t need it. It is a great burden and a bad habit that I am slowly breaking through. Maybe because I can’t afford designer bags and designer things, I was never really into brand names. I appreciate the emphasis on quality and would certainly hope to get to the point in my life that I’ll be able to buy better quality items to last me for a long time.


Enough about being poor, today I do want to share with you my most-used-items that I so love and cherish. My everyday shoes has been with me through thick and thin and I can’t complain considering the crap I put them through. Most of them are really worn out so if you have any advice on how you keep your shoes to last longer, I would love to hear from you.


similar items (click brand names for similar ones):

High Boots – I actually got this from DSW for $50 and I remember it was 70% sale. My sister and I used this boots on good days and bad days.

Angle Boots – I got this one from Cos and it is still in great condition because I only use it for going out to nicer places. I’m sure you guys know how obsess I am with Cos. It is literally embarrassing but I’m not.

Sneakers – Nike black sneakers are very comfortable and easy.  I actually got this white sneakers from H&M for $5 and I use this more than anything else I own and clearly you can see the damage I caused but I love how light, and comfortable it is. My Converse is also used and loved. I got it as a present and can’t thank you enough for it.

Flats – From Cos I don’t usually wear flats but this is my summer time prime flats. So loved.

This Rosenio Splendid vintage bag is my most treasure bag and I got it at second hand shop  in between Lancaster and York, Pennsylvania for $25. It is in such great condition, I didn’t have to make any alterations. You don’t always have to buy things new so I encourage everyone to thrift, not only it is sustainable, you can find old treasures to love.

Who doesn’t love a timeless, minimalist Daniel Wellington watch? You will see me wear this black leather watch 90% of the time and this is the watch I’ve been religiously wearing for the past 3 years. I recently receive a gift (from you know who) the rose gold band and completely smitten. Since I have a darker tan, rose gold look best on me.


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