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Over the last 15 years, my choices in wardrobe has change drastically. High school years were tough! I was an emo-kid-wannabe. Not that I knew any emo band, I was just so fascinated with the type of look. I wore skinny black jeans, black on black on everything, and had an overly tease orange hair tone. I really thought I was HOT! I am so glad I am done with that phase and I  mature in my style over the years. Although I can’t exactly pinpoint my style to one category, I know what I like and don’t like.

Tunic is a great transition piece from Summer to Fall. Being a petite girl, I always try to style in a way my tunic could elongate my limps. I usually tuck the bottom of my shirt or tie it in way that compliment my body so that I don’t look like the shirt is wearing me.

Here are some CONSCIOUS Tunics:

There aren’t that many conscious tunics available but I encourage you guys to explore Etsy for more organic, Eco-friendly items. It is definitely one of my favorites place to shop for all things.



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